About our Residential Department

Petersen Property Consultants is an independent firm specialising in the sale of residential property in and around the Nottinghamshire village of Burton Joyce.

Offering a modern perspective to property agency, with a dynamic, refreshing approach, our ethos is to build productive working relationships through friendly professionalism.

We’re knowledgable about, and love the area. Having lived in Burton Joyce for many years, we’re part of the community.

We’re tenacious, but giving buyers the hard sell isn’t our style. People intuitively know when a property is right for them. We’re here to steer them towards it and then make the path to owning it as smooth as possible.

We’re the calm, diplomatic interface between a buyer and seller. Holding a chain together is about reaching an understanding. Sometimes it requires using a bit of creativity; thinking outside the box. Solving problems laterally comes from years of experience of selling property.

We genuinely care about finding people their perfect home. We may see you in the street, the local shop or at the school gates and we want to know that we got it right!

If you are looking to sell or buy a property in the area, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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